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Investment Calculator

You can use this calculator to see how hypothetical investment can grow over the time. For example, check out what will happen after 300 months (that’s 25 years) if you invest $250 per month in stocks with an average return of just 1% per month. You may be surprised by the result. Feel free also to play with the compounding percentage. The higher the percentage is, the higher your balance will grow but less profits will go directly in your pocket during the time. It all depends on your goal – whether you want to save for retirement or live off from a large initial investment.
This investment calculator is for a demonstrative purpose only. You should not rely that any investment will bring a fixed return over a long period of time! Use the results to plan your portfolio but don’t get obsessed by the idea to hunt for very high ROI. The compounding feature in the calculator illustrates in a great way how compounded interests add with the time, but you should never forget the risks that any kind of investing carries.

Investment Compounding Calculator

Invested amount : Your initial investment
Annual Contribution: Optional
Interest rate: % Return on investment (Interest)
Number of years:
Compounding percentage: % reinvested profits

Tax Calculator

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